Six-Unit Individual Apartment Complex

The 2nd residence is a complex of 6 apartments for persons who are deaf or disabled yet capable of independent living. Two apartments are for small families; 4 are single dwellings. Several occupants are deaf; 1 is legally blind and another developmentally disabled. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. Each also has its own outside patio. The apartments meet ADA requirements to support independent living for the deaf or disabled.

Contact Us

Persons interested in living in a Schott Residence, or placing a family member in one, may contact the Director of Residences, Mary Roukas, at

In addition to the construction of 2 residences, 8 pods for additional group homes and 4 pods for apartment complexes were laid in 1999; today water, gas, and electrical lines lie waiting for further construction - a substantial investment untapped. The vision only partially realized, but Schott Communities is committed to its full realization in the future, 1 residence at a time!