All clients of Schott Communities are included in the Case Management Program. Upon request the case manager assesses the client's need, identifies the appropriate solution through in-house services or referral, and continues to monitor progress until the problem is resolved. When necessary the case manager advocates on behalf of a client or a group of clients to secure needed services.Counseling is an in-house service available to program participants who are deaf or disabled.  They are recommended to the counselor by the Case Manager.

Counseling Services

Persons with disabilities have the same expectations of life as other human beings – a sense of self-respect and efficacy, healthy relationships, the gift of belonging, opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways to family and community. Yet the constraint of disability often seems to deny or diminish these expectations. For many disabled people simple, everyday tasks are complicated and time consuming; the disabled person is almost always dependent on others to get through the day. The independence many of us enjoy is often not theirs.

One purpose of counseling is to help the disabled person develop strategies to cope with the frustrations and disappointments of living with disability. In addition the counselor helps the individual identify other strengths and gifts that give life purpose and meaning. These understandings prompted Schott Communities to initiate the Counseling Program in 2001.

Interested parties call Shawn Rodwin, Case Manager at Schott Communities, 954-434-3306, ext. 102.

Family Support Meetings

The Case Manager arranges meetings with speakers who are qualified to address the interests and concerns of parents and caregivers of disabled adult children.  When scheduled, these gatherings are noted on the Schott Calendar as well as in the Church bulletin three to four weeks in advance.  For more detailed information, you may call Shawn Rodwin, 954-434-3306, ext. 102.